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Pirates of Caribbean: Swashbuckling Sea Songs

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[[[Pirates of Caribbean: Swashbuckling Sea Songs]]]

Discription : Yo-ho! Sing along with your favorite pirate song. Swashbuckling sea songs, Away, away, away, Treasure, First Mate is a Monkey, welcome to the Caribbean, Stowaway, The Legend of Davy Jones.

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My four year old son says: I love these songs! I listen to them almost every night and during the day too. (He really does, and we've already had it 8 months. They are catchy songs, so that even parents find themselves singing along without realizing it....)

One of our sons received this cd as a gift. We love it - the whole family! We now give it as gifts to others and have only received rave reviews in return. We highly recommend it. It's fun to listen to and will get you in the pirate spirit. :)

The kids love this and so do the adults. It's a trip to Disney on a CD.

By the looks of the cartoony cover art, Disney's Swashbuckling Sea Songs is meant to be a consolation prize for kid brothers and sisters who couldn't convince their parents they'd come away from "Pirates of the Caribbean" (name your installment) without developing nightmares. That's not to say that bigger kids won't whistle yo-ho-ho merrily after a casual listen, too: salty classics like "Blow the Man Down" set the mood for a plastic sword fight in the basement; "Pirates of the Black Tide" and "Stowaway" deliver mutinous tales made mild by friendly-sounding flutes and fiddles; "The Pirate King" sallies forth with regal, dramatic flair; and "Shiver Me Timbers" and "The Legend of Davy Jones" are sufficiently menacing-sounding to keep the whole thing afloat with kids who'd sooner walk the plank than be caught listening to a kiddie CD. The packagers didn't forget that any pirate worth his eye patch expects a little buried treasure with his purchase: Pirate lore--cool tidbits on flags, secret identities, and so forth--fill the liner notes. --Tammy La Gorce
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