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Music of Spain

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A good collection and worth buying given the price. Although I prefer John Willams' style, Bream is an accomplished performer and provides a good selection of Spanish music. The organization of the CD's, however is not the best and some pieces are repeated. Nevertheless, for someone who wants to have a good selection of Spanish Classical Guitar music this is a good buy.

The visible embellishment of this noble instrument was enriched still more by the Spanish composers, who following the traces of his contemporaries. In the case of Fernando Sor, Haydn was his musical guide, where as Aguado, could establish himself with major vehemence, due its particular style, based in the notable right-hand articulation, eschewed the classical patterns, being able to print his own music a flamboyant and refined character.

In the particular case of Fernando Sor, we have a wisdom blending of the counterpoint technique, an evocative mood from his own that, added the well known influence of the Italian composers (Domenico Cimarrosa and Giovanni Batista Pergolesi) and his beloved love for the Operatic genre, allowed him to enrich still more the lyrical possibilities of the guitar. Besides, unlike Nicolo Paganini, for instance fortunately did not transform the guitar in a simple device to show his overwhelming gifts. He used the guitar to play music, on the opposite approach of Paganini who used the music as mere device to play his instrument.

In the guitar genre there has not been most deserved and superb tribute to Mozart that this Variations Op. 9 based on a motive of The most famous Mozart ?s Magic Flute. Loaded of such imaginative freshness and enraptured inspiration you may notice that one of the Variations conserves an undeniable Italian flavor; this is one of the most beloved hidden treasures the guitar can offers us, which raise with special charm in the hands of this formidable soloist.

Aguado on the contrary acquired due his personal state of things, a notable adroitness who excelled by far, to Sor, so his musical approaches rode in opposite directions, trying to exploit at maximum levels the technical possibilities of the instrument.

Julian Bream makes a tremendous tribute to both composers in this outrageous and a gold album.

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