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Caribbean Dream

วันจันทร์ที่ 3 พฤษภาคม พ.ศ. 2553

[[[Caribbean Dream]]]


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Brannan Lane packed throughout the Caribbean on one little disc. The bright,
lively opening track, "Welcome" sign in the "until" this CD takes you
Island holiday. What stands out about this project, many unique sounds
and instruments, steel drums and pan-flute in tropical birds, rain,
and waterfalls. Brannan creatively combine these sounds and instruments, improving
diverse selection of simple, pleasant melodies. You are stressed out? Let the melodious rhythm
o "Caribbean" wash away the stresses line. You must pick-me-up?
Impact Prosperity featured in "Fire Dance" will allow you to begin work on a positive note! You
need music in my sleep? "Stars at Sea" you in the ocean at night, as
constellation pour themselves a horizon. Have you visited the Caribbean before?
\\ "Market Square" will allow you to return, the right to return to the middle of a busy intersection with
open market! I recommend putting this disc on 're playing. "Then try to avoid calling
Your travel agent! - Jeff Bjorck

Brannan Lane has created a wonderful, relaxing, CD. Wonderful memories of Barbados flood my mind when the disk spins. Sitting back, closing his eyes - I can not imagine a white sandy beach with swaying palm trees - remember all the "fun in the Sun".

This CD is professionally done, and captures the imagination of the islands. This will return the memories and the Caribbean to touch your soul, if you were on the islands - or it will create a vision for you, if you harbor T. 'But on the whole - this CD gives you the feeling all around the island - and look at your feet - you will feel it plays:)

Heather Baskey, Mississauga, Ontario - Canada

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